What is shockwave therapy?

Perfect Balance provides shockwave therapy from our clinics in and around London to accelerate the healing rates in most therapy resistant tendinopathies, with great effect. It is a modern and highly effective treatment option in orthopaedic and rehabilitation medicine.

The term shockwave refers to mechanical pressure pulses that expand as a wave in the body. In modern pain therapy, shockwave energy is conducted from the point of origin to the painful body regions, where it applies its healing capacities.

The first medical treatment with shockwaves was lithotripsy. This allowed focused shockwaves to essentially dissolve kidney stones without surgical intervention. Today, over 98% of all kidney stones are treated with this technology. The use of shockwaves to treat tendon related pain began in the early 1990s.

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What to expect from Shockwave Therapy Treatment

Your therapist will discuss your symptoms with you and locate the source of pain. They will then mark the area intended for the Shockwave Therapy. A gel is applied to optimise the contact between the shock wave device and your skin. The handpeace delivers shock waves to the pain area for just a few minutes depending on the condition. The energy waves then stimulates the bodies natural healing.

The treatment itself doesn’t hurt, but some people have reported some discomfort in the muscle for a day or two after the treatment. However this is the nature of the treatment as the shockwaves are damaging the muscle to a state that it will naturally repair itself to full health. However most of the time patients say they have little or no problems following their treatment.

What conditions can be treated?

We treat a range of clients in and around London using shockwave therapy. The most common conditions that we treat include:

  • Tennis Elbow – Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the lateral elbow
  • Shoulder Pain – Painful limitation of shoulder movement
  • Golfer’s Elbow – Painful inflammation of the tendon attachment on the medial elbow
  • Burtis Trochanterica – Painful periostitis of the hip
  • Patella Tip Syndrome – Inflammation of the point of attachment of the patellar ligament
  • Shin Splints – Inflammation of the tibial edge due to excessive strain
  • Achilles Tendonitis – Painful irritation of the Achilles tendon
  • Painful Heel / Plantar Fasciitis – Painful, mostly chronic inflammation of the heel

Is Shockwave right for me?

Perfect Balance practitioners are highly ethical and will make sure that Shockwave Therapy is the best choice of treatment for you before starting any treatment. This treatment can produce amazing results but we must make sure that you are right for the treatment in the first place.

Who will perform the treatment?

Treatment is administered by a professional therapist who has received training in delivering the shockwave therapy to the required area. All therapists are trained to carry out a full medical history to ascertain the correct clinical indication for the use of shockwave therapy on the injured body part.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on the nature of the condition being treated, but it ranges between 1-3 sessions. More than 3 sessions in a set period will be doing more damage than good, which is why we offer a package which includes 3 sessions as standard.

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Our Shockwave Therapists are based in clinics in london and surrounding areas. We have clinics in London, Hertfordshire and  Bedfordshire.

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