About the Hatfield Clinic

The first Perfect Balance Clinic was opened in Hatfield in 2010 at the David Lloyd Gym in Hatfield Business Park. As company HQ, the Hatfield clinic sets the standard of excellence for all other clinic locations to follow.

Perfect Balance Clinic provides Osteopath and Physiotherapist services in Hatfield along with a full range of specialist rehabilitation services. No matter what is ailing you, our team is available to offer you friendly and professional advice and treatment.

Our therapists are also part of one of the select few clinics to deliver both K-Laser and Shockwave Therapy to its clients, when required.

You can browse a full list of services available at the Hatfield clinic on this page and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Hatfield Clinic Services

  • Osteopath
  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Massage / Therapy
  • Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Podiatrist
  • Pilates
  • Nutritionist
  • Athlete Services
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Pregnancy Services

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Perfect Balance Clinic Hatfield
David Lloyd Hatfield
Mosquito Way, Hatfield
AL10 9AX

Opening Times

Monday – 8.30am – 8.30pm
Tuesday – 8.30am – 8.30pm
Wednesday – 8.30am – 8.30pm
Thursday – 8.30am – 8.30pm
Friday – 8.30am – 8.30pm
Saturday – 8:30am – 5:30pm
Sunday – 07:00am – 02:00pm

Plus: Out of hours emergency clinic

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Tommy Burns
Tommy Burns
20:23 16 Aug 18
Had a series of appointments with Aaron at Perfect Balance after suffering with chronic lower back pain with a herniated disc. Immediately felt my back improve after only one session and progressed steadily throughout my treatment. My exercise plan between sessions was challenging and was key for me to understand how to prevent injury when I returned to playing football.read more
Sev Tozen
Sev Tozen
18:46 02 Jun 18
Had an appointment with a physician and sports tapes were applied. One strip was applied far too tight which pulled the top layer of my skin that has left a scar. Went in to advise them of what happened and was promised a call back once they looked into it. No call back, they didn’t care at all.read more
Carrie Luxembourg
Carrie Luxembourg
16:25 08 Feb 18
I've now had 4 sports massages with Mat Pollard, all targeting different areas and issues which materialise through my marathon training and fitness coaching. I can't speak more highly of him...he is an absolute legend! I'm totally inspired by his knowledge and ability to work out where the routes of my problems come from each time and I'm loving learning so much more about the human body whilst he treats me! Thanks Mat!read more
Amy Sinfield
Amy Sinfield
23:11 02 Feb 18
Just one session with Aaron and I could move again after my back locked up and left me with very limited movement and serious pain. He also gave me some stretches to do at home and great aftercare advice. Thank you Aaron would definitely recommend!read more
15:59 29 Jan 18
Great service and received some great advice. Will definitely be going back.
Stewart Pepper
Stewart Pepper
12:28 24 Jan 18
Matt Pollard is always helpful and active in getting results. I'm currently struggling to shake off a recurrent injury and his persistence is great. He is positive and encouraging as well as knowledgeable in his craft....even if he does inflict pain ('good' pain) on occasions!read more
Colin Rouse
Colin Rouse
11:59 24 Jan 18
They offer some great services here backed by some very knowledgable staff. Mat Pollard is an excellent deep tissue sport massage therapist. Stephen Makinde works very hard and has a vast amount of experience. He has helped some several long term injuries. Highly recommended.read more
Emma Pollard
Emma Pollard
11:29 03 Nov 17
I saw Lucy Georgiou regarding my knee swelling and pain. She was very thorough and understood my issues. Very informative and professional and I feel confident that she can help me back to recovery.
Mary Webster
Mary Webster
20:52 15 Oct 17
After many years of chronic back pain, and passing from one specialist to another, I was recommended to Stephen Makinde. I cannot praise him more highly ... He is very knowledgeable and a real professional ... He has helped me back to a more healthy and pain free life. I've seen other members of the Perfect Balance team for other problems over the years. Each and every one of them is a dedicated professional, who take the time to establish the cause of the problem and work with the patient to aid recovery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Perfect Balance Clinic team.read more
Ross Oakes
Ross Oakes
12:21 06 Oct 17
Perfect balance has been very professional throughout my treatment, there is no massive waiting list and I feel like the treatment has been helping since day one. Claire is a great physio and would highly recommend her to anyone.read more
Martin Knowles
Martin Knowles
17:36 28 Sep 17
Aaron (Sports Therapy) was excellent throughout, from explaining what was going on, to conducting the treatment and providing support and advice to get me back up and running quickly.
Rachel Hutchings
Rachel Hutchings
15:04 08 Aug 17
5-star experience - thanks to Mat Pollard - an excellent Sports Massage Practitioner and all-round very knowledgeable and personable chap. Always learning so one feels in safe hands. Would highly rate his latest foot manipulation therapy. For weeks before much discomfort in my feet and legs - for the last 2 weeks since - NONE! Enough said. Thanks Matread more
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon
17:23 07 Aug 17
I was very pleased with my visit to Lucy regarding my sciatica problem. She diagnosed my problem quite quickly, and gave me an achievable exercise routine to help with my recovery, am looking to book my follow up appointment in a few weeks to discuss the results, highly recommended. read more
Dan Price
Dan Price
11:43 07 Aug 17
After having a biking accident, I was left in a neck collar for a while. However, the pain never really abated, and that was when I was put in touch with Perfect Balance Clinic. My impression of the set-up right from the start has only been exceptionally great, far exceeding any experience with other osteopaths. Initially, I saw Andrew, who was very understanding of the issues. He helped progress me massively - his whole aim was to get me better so that I wouldn't have to return to the clinic. When I hit a plateau, he did the professional thing of transferring me to Lucy Georgiou for a second opinion. I have been seeing Lucy ever since, and the ongoing difference she has made is unbelievable. She is always so ready to explain what is going on with my back and neck, so that I understand exactly what it is that she is treating. Lucy is always professional and personable. My whole experience here has been outstanding, and that is why I have recommended many of my friends and family.read more
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith
12:47 20 Jun 17
Excellent place, and really helped my back.
09:10 20 Jun 17
Having been to various GPs, Consultants and Physio Therapists, the painin my neck and shoulder and lower back from an old injury never seemed to go away, The GPs prescribed more and more pain killers telling me I “just had to live with it”, and it was my age. Fast forward 10+ years and treatment from Stephen at Hatfield over those years the pain is fine, I am still able to play sports and keep reasonably healthy (even after a heart attack) and two year later CABG surgery , The pain comes back now and then but nothing like it used to be, and I can still live my life – Moves to various parts of the country and different Osteopaths had me driving from Scotland to Hatfield to receive treatment as only Stephen seem to get to the problem quickly and efficiently solved ( A bit over the top maybe) but living pain free is a great thing! I still have treatment at Hatfield having moved back into the area, and also have taken advice from Stephen which has helped me a great deal. A big thank you Stephen and the Team for your excellent service, care and attention keeping this 75 year old activeread more
Hannah Lloyd
Hannah Lloyd
12:28 08 Jun 17
I saw Liz for a sports injury that had been bothering me for some time. She was amazing! I have seen a drastic improvement since our first session and she was personable and informative along the way!
Debs Dodd
Debs Dodd
15:50 08 May 17
The team are extremely professional between Stephen and Aaron they always fix me
Faye Bradbury
Faye Bradbury
09:13 03 Apr 17
Stephen's fantastic and the service is faultless.
Sarah Makinde
Sarah Makinde
17:13 26 Mar 17
I had my first personal training session with Phil, it was amazing! Phil really took the time to set realistic goals with me, talk through my diet plan, find out what exercises I enjoyed doing, what I wanted to learn to do and tailored the session to meet my individual needs. Phil was great, he ensured that I felt comfortable, whilst also encouraging me to push myself that little bit harder. I will definitely be having more sessions with Phil!read more
Ravi Jain
Ravi Jain
17:37 17 May 15
I've seen Stephen Makinde at Hatfield, Fitness First and St Albans and his professionalism is flawless. That can also be said for his skills at identifying the causes and providing effective therapy to quickly resolve my shoulder injury. The whole outfit is hugely impressive and I am only too happy to recommend Perfect Balance to my patients. read more
Pete Charles
Pete Charles
11:56 12 Feb 15
I've been to the Hatfield Perfect Balance Clinic as I had pulled a muscle in my lower back and I also have had a long term shoulder problem. I have been getting treatment from Mat Pollard over the past few weeks. He's been absolutely brilliant, and has given me some great advice. I will certainly be recommending him and Perfect Balance Clinic to others. I definitely give Perfect Balance 5 stars, great value for money 🙂 read more
Julie Rhodes
Julie Rhodes
13:14 04 Feb 15
Following a motorcycle accident in Italy last June I suffered a broken ankle, was flown home and remained in cast for six weeks. As an avid gym goer, fitness enthusiast and workaholic, my concern was not about the accident but about getting back on my feet and not having any ongoing issues that would stop me doing what I love doing; you can imagine therefore my grief when I suffered complications when the cast was removed! I had no hesitation in calling Perfect Balance who quickly diagnosed the issue and worked closely with me, over a period of time, to get me back on track . . . . following each treatment I received I did exactly what I was told in the gym and haven’t looked back! Their personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable staff are second to none and I trust them implicitly with my well-being (and that of my family and friends to whom I have recommended their services over and over) which is why I haven’t and won’t go anywhere else. My thanks, on this occasion, go especially to Stephen and Ulla – my testament to them is that I’ve signed up to trek Iceland this year for charity; I wouldn’t be doing that with a dodgy ankle!  read more

Contact our Hatfield Clinic

If you are looking for an Osteopath or Physiotherapist in Hatfield or any other pain rehabilitation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0170 7229 871 or 0800 0724 012.

Alternatively please submit your enquiry using the form and we will ensure that the right person contacts you to discuss how we can help.

You can also learn more about our specialist team in Hatfield below:

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Meet the Hatfield clinic team

aaron trim sports therapist hatfield profile photo

Aaron Trim – Sports Therapist

Allison Pearlman – Yoga/Pilates Instructor

Alex Charles – Five Elements Acupuncturist


Alok Dibya – Physiotherapist

hatfield physiotherapist claire chaplin profile photo

Claire Chaplin – Physiotherapist

Fatimah Parkar – Physiotherapist

Hetal Benani – Physiotherapist

India Wayland – Sports Massage Therapist

lucy dicks hatfield pilates instructor profile photo

Lucy Dicks – Pilates Instructor

hatfield osteopath lucy georgiou profile photo

Lucy Georgiou – Osteopath

Marsh Fernando – Sports Therapist

hatfield sports massage mat pollard profile photo

Mat Pollard – Sports Massage Therapist

Rachel Vialou-Clark – Physiotherapy

Athlete Services Manager Sergio Pereira

Sergio Pereira – Athlete Services Manager

stan madiri hatfield running coach profile photo

Stan Madiri – Running Coach

hatfield osteopath stephen makinde profile photo

Stephen Makinde – Osteopath

hatfield nutritionist steve grant profile photo

Steve Grant – Nutritionist