About our Psychology Services

Perfect Balance is pleased to be able to present our specialist Psychology Services in Hertfordshire, servicing clients around Hatfield areas. Our team is lead by Dr. Daria Bonanno who has 20 years experience.

Our psychology works alongside the rest of the team at Perfect Balance Clinic making sure we are able to offer you a premium service. We work with a range of people and conditions ranging from those who want to overcome Anxiety or need help with Depression.

Psychology therapists are able to work alongside a whole host of practitioners to get to the bottom of your psychology issues.


Who can a Psychologist help?

Some of the common disorders which our Psychologists can help with include;

  • Anxiety, OCD, and phobias
  • Depression and Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Bipolar affective disorder
  • Body image disturbance
  • Panic Disorder
  • Pain and Trauma
  • Personality Disorders
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders and body image issues

What to expect from your appointment

Some psychology sessions will involve psychometric tests, which are essentially a series of questions that help the psychologist understand how you think.

You will usually find that psychologists tend to work cognitively, meaning they are inclined to use more rational therapies which examine and work with how you think in the here and now.

At the end of your first session with your psychologist, they will have formed an initial impression of what you might benefit from, and they will make a recommendation which is often to have 6 or so sessions and then review progress. If you’re happy to start, then they will book you in for your next session and the work begins.


Meet the Psychologist: Dr Daria Bonanno

Dr Daria Bonanno has a doctorate in psychology, and specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy. She also has a special interest in personality disorder and autism across the adult population.

Daria has a broad range of experience in working in multi-disciplinary teams. In her current role she is involved in teaching and supervising health care professionals in delivering psychological support. She says: “The core of my job is really to support nurses in providing the psychological part of the job.”

In her previous role as a Principle Clinical Psychologist, Daria was responsible for the provision of highly specialist psychology service in primary care and acute settings. She provided leadership and supervision to other psychologists, assistants and clinical psychology trainees.

Daria was involved in assessment of clients with a variety of physical and mental health problems and offered evidence-based psychological interventions according to their levels of needs.


Book a consultation with a Psychologist

If you are looking for a Psychologist in the Hatfield area, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

To book an appointment or to arrange a consultation, please call us on 0800 0724 012 or our central landline number 01707 229871.

Alternatively please tell us a little about your circumstances using the contact form and we will ensure that the right person contacts you to discuss how we can help.

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