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Functional Medicine & Nutrition Services in

London.Hatfield.Cambridge.Harley Street.St Albans.


Functional Medicine & Nutrition Services in

London.Hatfield.Cambridge.Harley Street.St Albans.


A Fundamentally Different And Fundamentally Better Approach to Nutrition and Wellness

Safe, Non-Invasive, Pain-Free Therapy For Natural Healing


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Nutrition Is Fundamental To Functional Medicine

As Perfect Balance Functional Medicine practitioner and nutritionist Steve Grant points out, It is our diet that supplies the raw materials that allow our body to function, so when we are not eating optimally, everything suffers: digestion, sleep, relationships, mood, even the ability to heal. Imagine, then, how important it is to be guided to the best diet for your needs, not just based on a government “recommended daily allowance.” In our view, nutrition advice is not just a “supplement” to the rest of what you do, but the foundation of success for improving your health.

"Functional Medicine - Fundamentally Better Because It Is Individualised To You"

Whilst any book could give you general information, at Perfect Balance Clinic, the focus of our nutrition team is on you. There will be a thorough history taken, looking at your personal health goals, your health history, current and past symptoms, nutrition habits, lifestyle, and mental and emotional stressors. Then, the team will work together with you to develop a nutrition plan that is individualised for you.


What Do We Mean By Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is fundamentally different from conventional approaches because it focuses on the individual as a whole, rather than on symptoms alone. Getting to the root causes of poor health is a fundamentally better way to help people regain great health than treating symptoms alone.

 The practitioner takes into account each client’s uniqueness.

  • Each person has unique nutritional needs
  • Each person’s genetic, physiological and biochemical make-up is different
  • Everyone has unique ways of coping and thinking
  • Each person’s lifestyle is unique, including how they sleep, how they eat, how they exercise, and what their relationships are like
  • Everyone is affected by different stressors and environmental conditions


Who Can Benefit From Our Functional Medicine Approach to Health and Nutrition?

Our clients include people who have struggled with their weight, who suffer from chronic illness, top athletes looking to improve strength and performance, women who are pregnant, and people of all ages with a wide variety of health goals.

About Our Functional Medicine And Nutrition Services

Perfect Balance Clinic is pleased to be able to present our specialist nutritionist and functional medicine services in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridge areas.

Our practitioners work alongside the rest of the team at Perfect Balance Clinic to get to the bottom of your nutritional issues, performance issues, chronic health issues and weight issues, to make sure we are able to offer you a premium service.

 Our service that is both health and performance based. Nutrition plays a significant role in how well our body is able to function and perform. When nutrition is sub-optimal you can see a breakdown in someone’s ability to function and perform at his or her best.


What To Expect From Your Consultation

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire before you meet with our nutritional consultant, who will go through this in detail before meeting with you.

Then, you’ll meet with your practitioner for an initial in-depth consultation of your past and present health, including a thorough assessment of your health history, symptoms, nutrition and lifestyle habits, and sources of mental, emotional and environmental stress in your life.

Our practitioner will discuss the appropriate changes to your nutrition and lifestyle that are most suitable for you. This is a highly individualised service – we understand that everybody is different and should be treated uniquely in order to give you the best chance of success.

In some cases, specialised diets may be of use but we are here to help you make long-term, sustainable changes that will allow you to really progress with your goals. We may also recommend certain diagnostic testing if we feel that they could help identify the root cause of your symptoms.

If you are unable to meet with our practitioner in any of our clinics, we can arrange a remote consultation via Skype. We can work with you wherever you live and we can work with international clients too.

"Not everyone needs to be taking supplements"

Supplements must be right for you, and therefore chosen thoughtfully and individualised as part of an overall healthy balanced diet.  Diagnostic testing allows us to get to the root of your nutritional issues and highlight very specific requirements so that we can correctly prescribe supplementation that is right for you. We are also able to advise on supplements that are proven to be free from any contaminants.

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What if you need nutrition for training?

The task of creating the perfect nutrition plan can be daunting even for experienced athletes. However, if you break it down into different pieces, you will discover that creating the perfect nutrition plan to meet your needs is just a series of simple steps. The perfect nutrition plan will keep you fueled, keep you at the appropriate weight for your needs and keep you feeling great at all phases of your training.

This guide focuses on foundation, recovery and training nutrition. By making sure that your nutrition meets the needs of these areas, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and performing at your best. Make the gains in athletic performance that you’ve been looking for, so you can really see your hard work pay off.

We are available for you.

To learn more about our Functional Medicine & Nutrition Services
and how we can help you


We are available
for you.

To learn more about our Functional Medicine & Nutrition Services and how we can help you

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