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Company Wellbeing Services

Company Wellbeing Services

Improve the heart of your company

We specialise in corporate services and have a wide range of assessments and treatments, that we can offer to support you and your teams. Workplace and employee wellbeing is so vital. Our team of experts can support your company to enhance your employees both emotionally and physically.   

Perfect Balance Clinic has a team of clinicians and therapists, each with a unique interest in the wellbeing of the body. Tailored treatment is provided for people from every walk of life; whether you have back pain, aches or pains, knee pain, a sports injury, pain sitting at your desk, discomfort during pregnancy or even a crying baby who can’t sleep. 

Where we are

We are able to provide these services onsite at your workplace, remotely, or we can cater for offsite services. We have many clinics around London, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

We offer bespoke services and events to fit in with your companys needs and goals

Whether at home or in the office, our musculoskeletal specialists are able to ensure that your teams work stations are set up correctly to improve posture and avoid associated issues with poor setups.

Desk assessments are important to identify, reduce and correct any risks. This is beneficial for both the employer and employee as it can increase work performance and reduce any associated injuries.  

A full detailed report will be issued with advice and, if needed improvements following the session. This assessment complies with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.

This is ideal for teams that travel, and contains advice on setting up the car seat. This is crucial for those who travel for long periods at a time, and to avoid/prevent postural musculoskeletal problems. 

As a part of this assessment, advice is given on how to work safely in temporary locations whilst using portable devices.

This is a legal requirement in workplaces where employees are required to do any lifting/pulling/pushing. Our fully trained assessors are able to run courses in house or remotely, where all attendees will receive a certificate on completion.

The course complies with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002.

Read about Jamie - our manual handling trainer

The course covers:

  • risks and hazards associated with manual handling tasks
  • legal responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • factors that need to be considered before lifting an item
  • dynamic risk assessments
  • appropriate and safe manual handling and lifting techniques
  • appropriate team handling protocols and techniques

Our nutritionists are able to give advice, conduct testing and provide a tailored food plan for many different areas including: 

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Healthy eating at work
  • Food for the brain
  • Gut health and digestive issues
  • Sports nutrition and recovery
  • Eating disorders
  • Chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia
  • Women’s health and hormonal imbalance
  • Fertility issues, PCOS and endometriosis

We have a range of pilates, fitness and mobility classes to increase health and wellbeing. Whether your goal is to decrease pain, increase strength, improve posture, lose weight or improve your flexibility, we have a range of classes that can help. Carrying out these classes can bring different teams, or people that don’t usually work with each other together, promoting teamwork. 

Our therapists can also provide 121 sessions if a client needs a more tailored approach.

Read about our classes

We can offer 15 minute consultations with one of our team of therapists (osteopath/physiotherapist/sport therapist), which gives your employees the chance to ask questions about any injuries or aches and pains that may be of concern. We will be able to provide education, advice and a plan for any further interventions that may be needed.

We can also provide in clinic or remote therapy sessions to help treat any injuries and provide rehabilitation, in order for your employees to regain full health and get back to work.

The Oak Practice

A holistic way to improve health and wellbeing by applying pressure to certain areas of the body. This goes hand in hand with acupuncture treatment which can benefit a wide range of issues including musculoskeletal, headaches and migraines, depression/emotional imbalances, digestive, fertility and respiratory problems.

Visit Tiffany, our acupuncturist profile

Our mother and baby team are on hand to support you every step of the way. We can help during pregnancy to decrease pain and tightness with hands-on treatment and massage. Our lactation specialists and cranial osteopaths are there for you and the baby if there are any postnatal issues.

We can provide online seminars on a variety of different services, such as nutritional talks, workstation set-up, common workplace injuries and much more!


The PB Clinic team delivers results every time which positively impacts both my physical well being and also my emotional wellbeing. They seem ahead of the curve in the use of technology and most importantly hands on treatment. I’ve recommended this company to many of my friends and will continue to do so.”

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