Meet the Perfect Balance Clinic team of therapists

watford sports therapist aaron trim profile photo

Aaron Trim – Sports Therapist

Team Alex Charles

Alex Charles – Five Elements Acupuncturist


Allison Pearlman – Yoga/Pilates Instructor


Anna Robinson – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Catherine Gauthier – Physiotherapist

team charlotte mahony image

Charlotte Mahony – Physiotherapist

team claire chaplin image

Claire Chaplin – Physiotherapist

team daine mcKibben rice image

Daine McKibben Rice – Sports Therapist

Daniel Cullen – Sports Massage Therapist

Dr Daria Bonanno – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

team dr frank okelly image

Dr Frank O’Kelly – GP

Fatimah Parkar Physiotherapist

Fatimah Parkar – Physiotherapist

Hetal Benani – Physiotherapist

India Wayland – Sports Massage Therapist


James McDermott – Physiotherapist

Jamie Cunningham – Rehab Specialist


Kal Karrara – Massage Therapist

team jasmine parrow image

Linda Wilson – Reflexologist

team lucy georgiou profile photo

Lucy Georgiou – Osteopath

Marsh Fernando – Sports Therapist

Olga Hayward – Sports Therapist

Rachael Crockford – Sports Therapist


Rachel Vialou-Clark – Physiotherapy

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Richard Sheridan

Richard Sheridan – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Rob Gaylor – Osteopath

team sara randall profile photo

Sara Randall – Osteopath

Athlete Services Manager Sergio Pereira

Sergio Pereira – Athlete Services Manager


Sina Behbahani – Osteopath

team sonal patel profile photo

Sonal Patel – Sports Therapist

team stan madiri profile photo

Stan Madiri – Running Coach

team stephen makinde profile photo

Stephen Makinde – Osteopath

team steve grant profile photo

Steve Grant – Nutritionist

team tom glindon profile photo

Tom Glindon – Osteopath

team vijay netto profile photo

Vijay Netto – Osteopath

Warren Prentis – Sports Massage Therapist

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