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Professional help for aches and pains in Harley Street, St.Pauls, London, Hatfield and St.Albans, Hertfordshire. Clinics for Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports Injuries and Mother and Baby Services. We are pain relief and rehabilitation experts. 

Not everyone needs treatment 
Hello and welcome to Perfect Balance Clinic. We have expert pain relief therapists and rehab professionals that can help with all those painful issues that life throws at us through trauma, accident, illness, sports injury and even age, whether it is infant or old age. You don't need to tolerate Headaches , Trapped Nerves, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Whiplash, Neck Problems, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow any more, we are here to help. Apart from the most up to date osteopathic techniques we are proud of our extensive affordable treatments that allow the body to heal itself. We hope you are able to find the help you are looking for on the following pages. You can always use these links if you need any particular help about the type of services we offer at the clinic. 
Stop suffering pain or discomfort, we offer effective pain management techniques and make sure you see the correct therapist for your condition. 
We are a forward thinking pain management and rehabilitation clinic who are not happy with second best. Our therapists are selected for their unique qualified skills to work within small friendly teams and service a small selection of smart clients that choose to use our services. Our locations are not chosen for smart trendy addresses but for ease of access and convenient to our clients. 

Osteopathy clinics in Harley Street, St.Pauls, London, Hatfield and St.Albans, Hertfordshire 

We provide services in five fantastic locations across Hertfordshire and London, please use the map to locate the nearest clinic to you: 

Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and other services we offer

We provide various specialist physio and pain relief services tailored to you and your condition. Your skilled therapists work closely together to achieve the best result possible for your condition in the least amount of time possible, rather than expensive long drawn out treatments . You will feel the difference seeing our team. 


Can I afford expert osteopathic treatment?

It's not just about money, although we don't claim to be the cheapest osteopaths in London or Herts, we are among the best and come fully recommended by clients who understand that working with a team of pain relief experts is a quicker, better way to approach healthcare. Our clients want to get better quicker, improve their bodies and reduce their pain. Simple as that.  

It is easy for us to boast (and quite rightly so ) that our client base ranges from international royal families, pop stars, footballers and celebrities – but we are equally proud to provide our osteopathic services in London and Hertfordshire to everyday people like the guy sat opposite you at the office or even delivers your milk!. Our clients range from 4 days old to 102 years old. So we are certain we have the right pain management specialist to help you. 

If you like a professional, no-nonsense approach and would like to feel the difference and get out of pain, back to doing whatever you do best, then we are sure you will find what you are looking for in the pages of our website.


 Do you have pain? Our Pain and Rehabilitation Specialists can help you.


Who will be the best person to see? 

Simply complete our fast track questionnaire to make sure you see the correct specialist first time, its free to use and you can use it as many time as you like! 

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