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We are a team of expert pain relief therapists and rehab professionals that can tend to aches and pains, regardless of the cause. Whether you are an infant, a sports professional or of the elderly generation, whatever your pain or rehabilitation concern, we can help you.

We are proud to offer an extensive range of specialist treatments that position the body in an optimal place to heal itself. We can provide you with the latest therapeutic modalities and treatments to get you moving and out of pain quickly.

Our teams meet on a regular basis to discuss cases and we will ensure you get the best of all of our expertise to help you get better. Our clients are those that are not happy with their current situation and are ready for something that will make a difference.

Stop suffering pain or discomfort; we offer effective pain management with therapists specialising in a whole range of fields. Our therapists are selected for their unique, qualified skills to work within small friendly teams. Our locations are not only chosen for their smart, trendy addresses, but for the ease of access and convenience to our all of our clients.

We hope to welcome you soon to one of our clinics where you will be made to feel comfortable and have your injury or condition assessed and dealt with effectively.

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We have a range of services tailored for most forms of pain rehabilitation. Our specialists and network of specialists are hand chosen to ensure we deliver a high standard of care across all our services.

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Testimonials – read what our clients think about us

  • I suffered from lower back pain that seriously impacted my ability to walk or perform any manual tasks without a great deal of pain. I noticed a great deal of improvement right from the first session, each session saw further improvement. Please improve on getting softer elbows… those things feel like razor blades!!! After seeing Aaron for the initial consultantion and treatment session, I saw a great deal of improvement and lessening of pain. Each subsequent session resulted in increased mobility, a reduction in pain and a great deal of laughter! Highly recommended!

    Ron Mark on Aaron Trim
  • The service I received was pitched perfectly. The clinic is situated right next door to my place of work, which means that I can hop straight from my desk into the practice. You get a nice warm welcome from the receptionist and the practice is clean, spacious and airy. Mark Richardson my physio is approachable, friendly with a calm and professional approach.

    Juliette Robinson on Mark Richardson
  • The overall service has been excellent. Since I have been going to the Perfect Balance Clinic, my knee issues have significantly improved for the first time in 2 years I now know what the issues are and I now have the confidence to know that my condition can indeed be fixed to the extent that will allow me to start training again. Thanks Perfect Balance!

    Darren Reid
  • Overall, I think the service is extremely good and I would struggle to think of ways to improve. I received an initial appointment really quickly. Stephens diagnosis of my problem was spot on even before I had seen a consultant. My rehabilitation programme given to me by Josh Dennis enabled me to recently go snowboarding for two weeks which I didn’t think I would be able to do.

    Chris Baker on Stephen Makinde and Josh Dennis
  • I would only recommend Perfect Balance, they were great and Einav Cohen (Senior Physiotherapist) did an incredible job in getting me back in my trainers! Totally professional, understand the needs of their clients and provide a first class service to their clients. 100% recommended.
    Simon Smith on Einav Cohen
  • I’m a long distance/endurance runner suffered from my first big injury this year and went to see the team in St Albans and have been in top shape since. My ankle is as good as ever and I’ve run over 250k without a problem. Will be using the services and skills in preparation for some major races next year. Thanks to Aaron Sara and Steve.

    Terry Stoodley
  • I visited Stephen Makinde just over a year ago with an IT band issue and within one session he identified the problem exactly. I then had a follow up visit with Pediatrist Daniel to organise some custom insoles. Since then the problem disappeared and a year on I have ran three marathons with accompanied training with no reoccurrences.

    Based on my experience I would say the level of service at Perfect Balance is excellent and what differentiates it from others is the very high level of competence and professionalism.

    Paul Sowter on Stephen Makinde
  • I cannot recommend Sara Randall enough to new parents who have babies that can’t settle or new mothers’ who are finding breastfeeding challenging! We took our five week old baby to her as I had a difficult labour and, at 5 weeks, he was unsettled, had colic and was also finding it hard to have long feeds.Not only did she really help our baby as a cranial osteopath she also helped me with my breastfeeding technique. I had a different happy baby after the session and I felt so much more confident with my breastfeeding. We only needed one

    Not only did she really help our baby as a cranial osteopath she also helped me with my breastfeeding technique. I had a different happy baby after the session and I felt so much more confident with my breastfeeding. We only needed one follow up session before she discharged us.Her advice, support and professionalism was amazing! I highly recommend her to new parents. Thank you so much Sara for all your help and advice!

    Her advice, support and professionalism was amazing! I highly recommend her to new parents. Thank you so much Sara for all your help and advice!

    Vicki Barker on Sara Randall
  • I have been working with Phil for over a year now. His sessions are very dynamic and always selects exercises to help develop my golf swing. We are working towards increasing power and consistency through the use of plyometric and strength based training methods.

    Together we have been using the Vertimax to increase stability and consistency in the core muscle groups of the swing and improve explosive power through dynamic movement.

    We are achieving great gains in strength and stability and through the training. I have seen my curfosis and scoliosis reduce under both physical activity and also in a natural posture.

    Glen Johnson on Phil Doyle
  • I’ve been struggling with back pain for seven years, actually it is longer than 7 years but it was seven years ago my local GP escalated my case and referred me to Hemel Hempstead Hospital for an X-ray.
    The X-ray on my back didn’t show and damage to my spine and the physiotherapy stated as there was no bone damage, my issue was nerve and muscle related. Good news I thought and this was treatable. I even remember to this day the explanation – my muscles in my lower back were over reacting to what they thought was an issue and protecting the area where there was damage, causing the pain.

    I attending many physiotherapists and osteopaths in my local area, received many treatments and was told I need to be patient and persistent with the treatments, which I was. I saw several and each new therapist stated I should complete at least 3 months with them – which I did. I wasnt getting better so then decided a different course of treatment was required and I turned to Acupuncture. It was really interesting and I actually did feel it helped me, but again after 3 months I was still in pain.

    I’d been told about Perfect Balance through a colleague at work – “Perfect Balance are great, my wife visited them and they treated her perfectly” – I researched them on line and all the comments were positive. In my mind they were just another Osteopath or Physiotherapist – they all say the same and I’m just going down the same road again. But I’d had enough and needed it sorted – I’m based in Watford and they had clinics in St Albans, Hatfield or Harley Street – I thought to myself is it worth making this journey for the same results?

    I had an initial appointment in St Albans with Stephen Makinde – we discussed the history and I advised him what I told all the previous consultants – I remember telling him it was nerve or muscles over reacting to something that isnt an issue. But he didnt take my word for it and started asking questions that didnt relate to my back. “How does it feel when you do this” – “And if you do this, where does it hurt” or “Are you able to access a bath easily”. I asked the questions openly and honestly and following this I was lying on the treatment table with my legs and hips being gently manipulated.

    After my first consultation – even providing Stephen with exactly the same information I provided to numerous different experts, I knew that he’d recognised a different issue. I previously had an X ray on what was the effected area and provided this to Stephen – it was an X ray on my lower back. Whilst he didnt dismiss this totally – there and then he stated that the issue was not in that area – this was the area that many GP’s, Osteopaths, Physio’s had stated and only Stephen recognised this error. Within a week I had a scan on my hip and am now going through corrective procedure, for my hip.

    I only had 2 consultations with Stephen – that’s all he needed. Every other “expert” or consultant seemed to want me back weekly for 3 months. Stephen identified this issue immediately and has put me on the course to recovery.

    In writing this all I would say is speak to an expert who doesnt just know one area. Speak to someone who understands the whole body. If you are in the research phase of reviewing your symptoms or are not sure of what to do – please do not buy into a 3 month plan, see someone who wants to help and knows how to help. Stephen has my contact details and if you would like to speak to me about what I’ve written or more information, please request them from Stephen – I wish Perfect Balance were my first port of call.

    John Dugdale on Stephen Makinde
  • I would highly recommend Perfect Balance for their professional service from booking to follow up. I was considering having an aromatherapy massage to relieve the pain in my shoulder but opted to try a sports massage instead.

    I am pleased I did as it was extremely effective and the therapist was very professional and offered some great advice on how to improve my condition at home. I was very impressed with the overall service.

    Niki Leggett
  • Quite possibly the best clinic in Hertfordshire. Have seen many people there over the years but I’m especially drawn to Sara who makes my body feel supple and injury free almost immediately!!

    No pressure to to return and soooo much advice, help and support given! Thanks Sara

    Clare Penning