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Choosing the Correct Pillow



Guide to choosing the correct pillow for your neck…

Since you will spend about one-third of your life sleeping in a bed, the type of pillow you choose is an important part of preventing or managing neck pain. One of the most common causes of neck pain is having your neck twisted or bent too far in any direction for a long time. If you wake up in the morning with a painful neck, it may be because your pillow is not supporting your head and neck in the right position. It should be in what is described as a “neutral” position. This means that the normal slight curve of your neck is not changed.

In this e-book we take a look at;

  1. The right position in bed (with images)
  2. Picking the right pillow (with images)
  3. Cervical / Water-Filled / Orthopaedic / Feather pillows

This advice sheet was created to help you in choosing the correct pillow.  Should you need any further help then please contact us to speak to a specialist.

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