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Physiotherapy helps people to improve mobility and function of the body, particularly the muscles, limbs and joints. People with an injury, illness or disability may benefit from some physiotherapy sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage recovery. This can be through exercise, advice and/or manual therapy.

Physiotherapy can involve the use of hydrotherapy (exercises in a warm pool), massage (to ease tension in the muscles), electrotherapy (electrical energy to relieve muscle pain) and exercises (to improve flexibility and reduce stiffness). Physiotherapists are medically recognised and often work closely alongside GPs and consultants. All Chartered Physiotherapists follow the same route to gain their qualification, but they often specialise in other areas that complement their skills, such as acupuncture and Alexander technique.

In this free ebook you will learn about;

  • What problems/injuries a Physiotherapist help with
  • What the benefits of Physiotherapy are
  • If you need a GP referral for a Physiotherapy appointment
  • What you can do at-home to help yourself
  • What does a Physiotherapy appointment look like

Make sure you grab your free copy now.


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