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Tennis elbow is chronic inflammation and tearing of the musculotendinous attachment of the forearm muscles to a bony projection on the outer side of the elbow. It is caused by an overstraining of the muscles.

The muscles which straighten the fingers and the wrist arise from a small projection of bone on the outer side of the elbow. With tennis elbow, pain is concentrated around this area. The pain can be quite severe and is usually restricted to this area. However, it may eventually radiate up the upper arm as well as down the outer side of the forearm. It is frequently associated with weakness.

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  • What Tennis Elbow is
  • How Tennis Elbow is diagnosed
  • The causes of Tennis Elbow
  • What can be done at-home to help with Tennis Elbow
  • What are the treatment options for Tennis Elbow
  • How can Shockwave Therapy help with Tennis Elbow

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Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

After a long season playing Elite Amateur golf in 2013, I gained a stress related injury in my wrist along with bruising of the bone and inflammation of golfers elbow. I was referred to Stephen after consultation with the surgeon and have now been working with him for 5 months seeing a positive progression and recovery from an injury which restricted me playing competitively towards the end of last season.

I have received the utmost support whilst undergoing treatment with excellent customer service and great facilities. The treatment of preference suggested by Stephen was a combination of Shock-wave therapy and K-laser treatment, which has enabled me to train and be ready for my first season as a professional golfer to start. Stephen and the rest of the team promote very high standards of professionalism and understanding of specific sports related injuries and also provide a fast and reliable treatment plan developed around individual sports needs and times frames.

I plan to continue to work with Perfect Balance Clinic in the forthcoming future to ensure my body is in the best possible shape in order for me to succeed at the highest level of professional golf.

Glen Johnson – Professional Golfer

I feel the service that I have received at PB Clinic to be over and above what I’ve experienced elsewhere. My tennis elbow was really getting me down. I had seen a few people who were great, but we were not exposing the real cause and were making some progress that soon slipped back due to my hectic lifestyle.

I had Shockwave treatment that was extremely painful, BUT I can see that the pain was what was needed in this instance. I committed to following the daily post treatment rehab,assigned by the practitioner, and now my elbow is like brand new! Great work PB and thank you!

Tom Dyer – Personal Trainer


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