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David Lloyd, Health Awareness September 2010


Last night Perfect Balance Clinic co-hosted the first-ever David Lloyd Hatfield, club Health Awareness evening. The night was a collaboration of all the service providers within the Hatfield (flagship) club, including The Havon Beauty Salon and the personal trainers who are based within the club.

The night was a huge success, with the Havon therapists educating some very willing volunteers on their range of therapies, whilst we at Perfect Balance Clinic undertook the difficult task of answering the question – ‘what is the difference between osteopathy and physiotherapy.’? See what we came up with below…

Is this a question you could answer? If yes, then you would be one of the few people that are able to establish a definitive difference between the two therapies, as they have become in modern-day society.

When Physiotherapy and Osteopathy were first defined within their treatment processes, you could say there was a significant difference between the way the two were perceived and how they were performed. You may have been unfortunate enough to have had a car accident during your lifetime, which would have more than likely resulted in some sessions with a Physiotherapist, due to their strong rehabilitation background.

Nowadays, it has become harder and harder to differentiate the two therapies, that now share just some of the following treatment processes; injury rehabilitation, exercise plans, manipulation, acupuncture, just to name a few!

Here is a list of problems that people tend to associate with the 2 therapies:
Physiotherapy; Sports-related injuries, Whiplash/injury rehab, Post Operative rehab
Osteopathy; Arthritis, Disc Injuries incl. Sciatica, Shoulder Conditions

At Perfect Balance Clinic, we treat every injury, every ache and every pain, experienced by our clients, according to their own unique case history. Whether you are visiting a Perfect Balance Osteopath or a Perfect Balance Physiotherapist, they are experienced enough to identify and treat no matter the complication, whether that means following a treatment plan or identifying the need to refer you to a specialist, we will help you on your road to recovery!

Want to know more or make a booking? Call us on 0800 0724 012 or email?[email protected].

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