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5 minute office set up


If you’re working from home and starting to get pain in your neck or lower back, then this article and video is for you!

We will be providing an overview to help you with your office setup with our top tips.

Many people are currently now starting to struggle with pain at home, whether that’s in their shoulders or the neck, and a contribution to that can be the position that we work from. There are some very small changes you can adopt improved positions with much more comfort when you’re working at home.

Tip Top 1: chair set-up

The first place to start will be to look at your chair. Try to ensure that this has adequate support across the backrest. Of course, if it is not a specific office chair, you can use soft, thin cushions or towels and you can get them across the backrest so they’ll give you much more support. This will then allow you to sit up much more upright, easily.

Top Tip 2: screen height

The height of the screen you’re working from is also very important. Ideally, if you’re using a laptop and this should be placed on a docking station and raised up or, instead of the laptop, it can be linked to a bigger external screen, which you can work from. Whichever option you decide to choose regards to that, the important thing is that the eye line should be level with the top of the screen that you’re using. As this is massively reducing the amount of movement that you make with your neck and allows you to better align your upper spine when you’re working in that seated position.

Top Tip 3: position of arms and legs

Ensure to keep your monitor within arms length and keep your keyboard and mouse close so that you can maintain a 90 degree angle at your elbows when typing and clicking. This will also help to avoid leaning forward too much when working.

Top Tip 4: take breaks!

Finally, though it’s advised to set up your desk correctly and really look at this and spend some time on that, it’s just as important to take regular breaks away from your desk every 45 minutes for at least two to three minutes. This helps provide sitting for long periods without activity and moving around.

How can I get more help with this?

We have therapists that can provide specialist desk setup advice remotely via Zoom. Click here to book an assessment today.

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