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A disc injury is not an injury that occurs in one go. A disc prolapse is caused by cumulative micro-traumas to the inter-vertebral disc over a long period of time, until the disc can no longer handle the stresses placed upon it. (Extremely high forces are required for an acute single- trauma prolapse to occur – i.e. a severe car accident.)

The most common area for a disc to prolapse or ‘slip’ is in the lumbar spine (lower back) or cervical spine (neck). The discs are weakest around the 4–5 and 7–8 o’clock portions, commonly referred to as the ‘postero-lateral’ portions. The position that places the most stress and pressure on the inter-vertebral discs is when flexion (bending forwards), side bending and rotation are combined. (Imagine someone sitting on a chair and then attempting to tie one of their shoe laces.)

In this ebook, you will learn about;

  • What causes a prolapsed disc
  • What the symptoms of a prolapsed disc are
  • What can you do to help yourself
  • How you will be treated with a prolapsed disc

Download your free copy of Disc Prolapsed now.

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

I suffered from lower back pain that seriously impacted my ability to walk or perform any manual tasks without a great deal of pain. I noticed a great deal of improvement right from the first session, each session saw further improvement. Please improve on getting softer elbows… those things feel like razor blades!!! After seeing Aaron for the initial consultantion and treatment session, I saw a great deal of improvement and lessening of pain. Each subsequent session resulted in increased mobility, a reduction in pain and a great deal of laughter! Highly recommended!

– 16/03/2017

Ron Mark on Aaron Trim

I have been working with Phil for over a year now. His sessions are very dynamic and always selects exercises to help develop my golf swing. We are working towards increasing power and consistency through the use of plyometric and strength based training methods.

Together we have been using the Vertimax to increase stability and consistency in the core muscle groups of the swing and improve explosive power through dynamic movement.

We are achieving great gains in strength and stability and through the training. I have seen my curfosis and scoliosis reduce under both physical activity and also in a natural posture.

Glen Johnson on Phil Doyle

Perfect Balance Clinic provided a solution to what was a long-term unresolved back problem. They brought me back to fitness with expert treatment and have since provided a first rate maintenance regime accommodating sessions around my busy work schedule which has kept me fit and active. I have recommended them to a number of friends and colleagues.

Michael Gallimore – Partner Hogan Lovells International LLP

I’ve had several treatments now with Mat, and am continually impressed with the professionalism and skill he works with, easy to talk to and obviously extremely knowledgable about the practice. He doesn’t just stop with the treatment but actively recommends stretches and exercises to strengthen and build upon the work he does, he is clearly very passionate about what he does and this shows. I would most definitely recommend Mat.

Rob on Mat Pollard

I have seen Vijay for two sets of treatment with a persistent back condition and he has been excellent. Understated while clearly being totally on top of his game he immediately instills confidence which is certainly not misplaced. The fact that he is a Pilates teacher means that he has also been a great help in guiding me with the best rehab exercises.

Ian on Vijay Netto


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