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Ergonomics is the relationship between people, their environment and the tasks they perform. Egron means ‘work’ and nomoi means ‘natural laws’. There are many elements to consider when looking at ergonomics in the workplace, including the workstation, posture, organisation, tools, equipment and design, manual handling and the work environment.

To put some of these considerations into context, one third of people’s lives are spent at work. The average person working at a keyboard can perform 50,000 to 200,000 keystrokes per day. MSDs are the second biggest cause of sickness absence from work on any given day, and are estimated to cost society and employers around £7.4 billion a year. In addition, 20% of all workplace injuries are back injuries.

In this free ebook, you will learn about;

  • What is Ergonomics
  • Different musculoskeletal orders
  • What you can do at-home to help yourself

Make sure you download the free ebook now.

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