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Striving for good posture in all areas of your life can enhance your career, style and health. You project a confident image through good body posture

After reading this guide, you will:

  • Understand how important good posture is to your overall wellbeing
  • Understand and analysing your posture
  • Daily routines to improve your posture
  • Know how improve your posture
  • Help you choose the correct pillow
  • Exercise guide to improved flexibility, core and strength
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The list of how correct posture influences internal organs and systems,and also mood and general energy is very long! Your internal environment depends on the efficiency of the flow of blood, oxygen, hormones and nutrients and also interaction between nerves and brain.
The Spine is the foundation and support of your body. The natural position of the spine guarantees the efficiency of movement and interaction of the related elements. Your internal organs are all right alongside the spine and depend on its correct position to function well. Any prolonged restriction or deviation from the natural position will result in some or partial dysfunction and over a long time, the results can be devastating.

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

I first went to visit PB in August 2015 after hurting my back. My office job and bad posture coupled with carrying my baby was the main cause for my back problem. The lower back area was stiff and I was barely able to walk. I called for an emergency appointment to see PB and they managed to schedule me in for the same day.

I was already impressed. Perfect Balance was very professional and was able to identify the problem immediately. After my first session I was advised to rest and not carry or do anything strenuous until I was to see them again after a few days. After I saw them again they gave me some exercises to do through the PB exercise pro programme/app. It was brilliant! All my exercises were on there together with instructions on how to do them and feedback as to how I felt after doing them.

They were then able to monitor my responses and feedback and if necessary arrange to see me again. Fortunately for me the exercises were just right and I started to see improvements immediately. By my last session with PB I can safely say my back is back to normal. I can’t thank you enough! I still have access to the exercises on the app and whenever I feel my back is a little tight again I can just do them. I can’t recommend Perfect Balance enough!

Miriam Karam

I have been seeing Perfect Balance for many years for issues throughout my back which require ongoing treatment and management. The treatment plan that they have established for me is one which was formed and discussed with me as a patient so that I have a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, the treatment and the ultimate goal; this is key for me so that I can fully understand not only the variety of techniques being used, but also buy into and understand the course.

Fortunately as the treatment is proving successful my visits are becoming less frequent but I do know that should I need a visit, I can seamlessly pick up where things were last left in order to do the work to bring me back to a stronger position.

Rachel Madeline

I went to see Perfect Balance with severe muscular back pain as a result of a combination of factors that I’m sure affect many professionals, but on this occasion resulted in a painful muscle spasm and restricted movement: repetitive strain and poor posture from using a laptop, carrying heavy bags and playing sport without being properly fit!

As a result of a series of hour long sessions that have been hugely effective, I have learnt that a massage from a highly trained sports physio is a scientific, anatomical treatment involving a range of techniques, rather than a comfortable way to spend an hour in the middle of the day! I’m very grateful.

Peter Williams – Consultant


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