Iliotibial Band Syndrome E-Book




Treating Iliotibial Band Syndrome & returning to running

For full information about potential treatments for Iliotibial Band Syndrome, how to prevent the condition and how to return to running, please download our comprehensive ebook below.


1. Detailed information about treatments and management techniques
2. Mobilising, stretching and strengthening the relevant muscles
3. Massage techniques
4. Which treatments you should avoid
5. When surgical intervention may be needed and the available procedures
6. How to avoid and keep ITBS at bay
7. Long term prevention of ITBS
8. How to return to running

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

I visited Stephen Makinde just over a year ago with an IT band issue and within one session he identified the problem exactly. I then had a follow up visit with Pediatrist Daniel to organise some custom insoles. Since then the problem disappeared and a year on I have ran three marathons with accompanied training with no reoccurrences.

Based on my experience I would say the level of service at Perfect Balance is excellent and what differentiates it from others is the very high level of competence and professionalism.

– 28/12/2016

Paul Sowter on Stephen Makinde

I had an appointment with the physio Sophie Lane following a fall and hurting my hamstring. I was worried as to the severity of the injury and being fortunate in not having alot of experience of these types of injuries needed some professional guidance. Sophie examined my hamstring and assessed the injury. She advised me as to the treatment I needed and what exercises I should \ should not do. I found her approach very professional and practical.

Being an obvious sporty person herself I felt she understood my requirements and what I needed to do in order to recover from my injury in a timely manner.
I was also due to do the London to Brighton bike ride the following weekend for Charity and did not want to “cry off”. Sophie explained that cycling would not damage the hamstring as it was a different way of using the leg muscles and reassured me that although it might be a bit stiff there was nothing intrinsically wrong in undertaking the bike ride.

I am very grateful for this advice.

Bob on Sophie Lane

The treatment I have received from Stephen is second to none. Stephen goes above and beyond the duties of a physio/osteo. I believe he genuinely cares for his clients and this is shown within all aspects of his work. His whole attitude is amazing and this correlates to his work ethics of getting the client better ASAP with the least cost to the client.

Stephen works because he loves the job and this is shown on a daily basis. There is no one else I would use and no one else I would recommend. With Stephen you get comprehensive treatment and someone that genuinely cares.

Tinamaria on Stephen Makinde

I had very sore calves and strains leading up to my first half marathon. Vijay worked on my calf muscles and ITT band and it was down to him that I managed to run the race with no pain or problems. Thanks Vijay you saved the day!!

John on Vijay Netto


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