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Become injury-free when playing Tennis with this useful information booklet…

Tennis is a fast paced, multi-directional sport played and enjoyed by many. Whether it be for recreational activity, or competitive, tennis can lead to various injuries. 66% of all tennis injuries are due to overuse, and 33% are due to traumatic or acute events. Overuse injuries usually occur due to a sudden spike in training load (amount of training), or due to inadequate recovery between playing. Traumatic or acute injuries usually occur due to a sudden movement or action in a specific way which leads to tissue or joint damage.

With this information booklet, we aim to educate players on the most common injuries we see, the causes and symptoms of the injuries, and advise on the treatment and prevention of these injuries.

In this information booklet, we look at;

  1. Elbow injuries in Tennis
  2. Ankle injuries in Tennis
  3. Shoulder injuries in Tennis
  4. Knee injuries in Tennis
  5. Lower Back injuries in Tennis

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

The overall service has been excellent. Since I have been going to the Perfect Balance Clinic, my knee issues have significantly improved for the first time in 2 years I now know what the issues are and I now have the confidence to know that my condition can indeed be fixed to the extent that will allow me to start training again. Thanks Perfect Balance!

– 05/03/2017

Darren Reid

I met Aaron Trim initially for sports therapy and then booked for 3 sessions of sports massage. I have had back and lack of flexibility problems for years. I met Aaron for an excruciating sciatic pain. Through his assessment and monitoring of the position over the last few weeks, I now feel better than I have for years.

I would recommend Aaron without hesitation. He is highly professional as well as being a decent down to earth good guy.

John on Aaron Trim

I have been having sports massages from Mat Pollard at PB Hatfield for over a year.He is always very friendly and extremely professional at all times. He is also very good at massage! Without him I would not be able to continue to play tennis – he keeps everything working and always listens to my particular issue each time I attend. I leave the clinic feeling 6 inches taller!

Tessa on Mat Pollard


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