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‘An orthopedic device [is one] that supports or corrects the function of a limb or the torso.’ Although orthotics can be used to help any part of the body, orthotics is a term commonly used to refer to shoe inserts and, when needed, are usually recommended by podiatrists. They are not just arch supports as assumed by many, but can make you more comfortable by altering the angle of the foot and correc ing an irregular walking pattern. They help to improve the function of the foot, sorting imbalances that could impact on the rest of the body, and therefore reducing pain and discomfort.

Anyone can benefit from the use of orthotics to help with a foot condition, including athletes. Older people may find them useful too as their bones and muscles get weaker and the protective layer of fat thins, leaving them vulnerable to foot conditions. People who have to stand for long periods of time and those who wear high heels often benefit from orthotics too. They are particularly helpful for flat feet, heel pain, sesamoiditis (a condition affecting the sesamoid bones in the forefoot), tendonitis (a condition that effects the tendon holding the arch of the foot) and over pronation (when the feet turn in too much), among many other conditions.

In this free ebook, you will learn about;

  • What Orthotics are
  • Who can benefit from Orthotics
  • How can you look after your feet
  • The different treatment options available

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