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Osteopathy looks at helping the body to work more effectively and, where appropriate, to reduce and end any pain. It works by helping the body’s structure and function, and looks at the body as a whole, rather than isolated parts. Osteopaths look to create balance within the body, typically without using drugs or surgery. It is used to alleviate many medical conditions.

Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to help the body. Examples include stretching and manipulation. They can also advise on exercise and posture. Such treatments and advice can help many people, including children, pregnant women, sportspeople, the elderly and many more.

In this free ebook you will learn about;

  • What Osteopathy is
  • What the role of an Osteopath is
  • How Osteopathy can help you
  • How Osteopathy can help with back pain

Make sure you grab your free copy now.

Here is what some of this E-Book’s readers had to say…

After reading this E-Book some people came in to see our team, this is the feedback they gave us…

I saw Stephen Makinde for back and neck problems and he was excellent. So knowledgeable and enthusiast. I would highly recommend!

– 05/04/2017

Robbie Hopper on Stephen Makinde

I’m a long distance/endurance runner suffered from my first big injury this year and went to see the team in St Albans and have been in top shape since. My ankle is as good as ever and I’ve run over 250k without a problem. Will be using the services and skills in preparation for some major races next year. Thanks to Aaron Sara and Steve.

– 01/12/2016

Terry Stoodley

Came to visit Andrew with my daughter after hearing how great he was with children,my daughter had been suffering with torticollis since 5 weeks of age and after seeing numerous consultants at different clinics and private hospitals,and not getting anywhere we decided to try an osteopath…I’m so glad we did.

My daughter is just turning one and she hasn’t had any seizures or head tilts for 6 months now,we had 3 treatments with Andrew and that was the best thing we’ve ever done and if Aaliyah develops any problems in the future then our trust is only with Andrew at Perfect Balance from now on. 100% would recommend and certainly worth our travel.

Charlene on Andrew Maddick

I went to see PBClinic after having pain in my neck and shoulder, which meant I couldn’t turn my head properly. They worked wonders, and in a very short time. I’m training for my first bikini bodybuilding competition so I needed to be able to train again straight away.

But what was really a miracle for me was when they fixed my imbalance in my pelvis which I’d had for 2 years. I was convinced I’d have to live with a wonky body for the rest if my life. After 3 sessions with the miracle workers I’m even again and so happy!

I recommend Perfect Balance Clinic to anybody who doesn’t want to have months of wasted trips to see practitioners that don’t get to the cause but just relieve the symptom. Thank you.

Sonya Morton-Firth – Female Bodybuilder

I was working on a film in stunts at the time and twisted my ankle really bad. A friend recommended Perfect Balance Clinic to me and I have to say I was really impressed by the help I received. My sprain wasn’t a common issue which made things worse and on top of that I had to get back to work. Thankfully the guys at Perfect Balance Clinic got me through it and I was able to get back to work.

My treatments continued and as I began to get stronger they implemented a number of techniques that I haven’t used before, which was a nice experience. Being very active with my job it was vital I got my strength back to what it was and credit where credit is due I am now performing back to my top standard. I definitely recommend anyone with an injury to visit the clinic. Thanks again guys.

Adam Brashaw – Professional Stuntman (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows Part 1 & 2)

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of osteopaths and physiotherapists to treat a recurrent back problem. However, without doubt Lucy Georgiou is the most effective by far. She genuinely takes the time to understand all the interrelated issues and is really holistic in her mindset. Indeed her alternative interpretation on the cause of my symptoms (in comparison to previous osteopaths) has yielded fantastic results. I have recommended her to many of my friends and all have been super impressed. Thank you Lucy – you make me feel human again!

Craig on Lucy Georgiou


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