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Top tips to find someone to help with osteoporosis training


Are you struggling with osteoporosis? Do you need help with your training? This article will provide you with information on how to find someone to help with your osteoporosis training.

“Strong communication between your doctor and your trainer is crucial for the success of your treatment.”

Do you have osteoporosis? Have you ever tried osteoporosis training? 

Here are four tips on what to look out for when you’re looking for someone to help you with your osteoporosis training:

  1. Strong communication between your doctor and your trainer is crucial for the success of your treatment. Above all remember your trainer or sports therapist is not a doctor. Therefore, they won’t and shouldn’t interfere with the medical aspect of your treatment or any medication you might be taking.  So make sure that your trainer and doctor have been introduced and stay in regular communication to stay on top of any updates and on any changes in your progress. 
  2. Most importantly keeping your measurements up to date is key. Now your trainer will not be able to perform a DEXA scan for you. However, they will have a lot of tools that they can use to keep your measurements up to date. One of the best ones that we use in our studios is Boditrax machine. Now the Boditrax machine doesn’t only measure your bone mass, but it also shows us any differences in your muscle mass. As a result of that, we can stay on track of both bone differences and muscular differences in your training. 
  3. Find someone who includes all four important areas of your training, full-body strength, high impact weight-bearing exercises, balance exercises and flexibility. All four are crucial and important to be included in your personalised workout plan. 
  4. Finally, find someone who’s well-connected with nutritional therapists and musculoskeletal specialists like physiotherapists. As there’s a possibility alongside your training, you might feel aches and pains. You may need a sports massage or there may be some form of an imbalance that a physiotherapist would look into in order to correct and improve it. Also, there are many benefits of nutrition and hopefully, you don’t need to be sold on how important it is to include it in your treatment. 

A trainer who has connections and can easily refer you to those specialists is the key to your success.

Take a look at our video on ‘Thousands now use osteoporosis training when they never thought they could ’ created by Monika Sikora

It's a shame for you not to start osteoporosis training— when these trainers can help you so easily

Many people with Osteoporosis don’t start training as they don’t feel safe but if they have the condition, this needs to be overcome to help them get resultsHere are four tips on what to look out for when you're looking for someone to help you with your safe osteoporosis training, just watch this video for more help…For more help and advice comment 'ME' and our team will get in touch.

Posted by Perfect Balance Wellbeing on Thursday, July 18, 2019

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