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6 best ways to help pelvic torsion


Below you will find out the secrets of being able to help your pelvic torsion in 6 easy steps!

Many people who suffer from pelvic torsion are not informed about what else they can do to help their pelvic torsion. So often a trip to the chiropractor will help the actual misalignment but without the correct exercises and support around this, the problem may reoccur. If you have not seen them already we have created 5 easy stretches for pelvic torsion which everyone who has been diagnosed with a pelvic torsion should be doing.

Below you are going to learn about 6 other methods of reducing the pain associated with a pelvis torsion and how quickly the pain will respond to treatment with each method.

1: E-Book – The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Fixing your own Twisted Pelvis

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Great for understanding your pelvic pain
A 48-page comprehensive guide to understanding your twisted pelvis
There is nothing else like this available

 Don’t keep wasting money on treatment before you have understood your condition

2: Wheat bags for pelvic torsion pain

Longer lasting pain relief from muscle soreness
Feels great
Takes 2-10 minutes to take effect
Short to medium term relief
If you have a muscular cause of pelvic torsion you could use a wheat bag successfully to help relax the muscles around the pelvis and lower back region. This should not be used on inflammatory causes of lower back and pelvic pain and again it should be a clearly diagnosed cause of your pelvic torsion. Wheat bags are fairly low cost and are reusable which means that if you cannot get relief from your muscular cause of pelvic torsion then you can use this over and over until your treatment from your chiropractor, osteopath or physical therapist takes effect.

3 Biofreeze pain relieving gel for pelvic torsion pain

Can be used easily at work
Use as prescribed on the container
Short to medium term relief
Biofreeze has been referred to as the miracle cream by some of our clients. They certainly speak very highly of it. Biofreeze gel may help with pain control of pelvic torsion but does not fix the condition. However, when applied to the skin under the directions on the bottle we often find our clients respond to the pain relief it gives them. The pain relief can be significant and long-lasting in some circumstances. However, it is advised that you seek attention to diagnose your condition clearly and ascertain the cause of your pelvic pain. Gel is applied to the area of pain and will give an instant cooling effect, not available with any other creams or gels on the market, it’s worth a try and is a very cheap relief.

4: Kinesio tape for pelvic torsion pain

If used correctly can help to retrain the muscles causing the imbalance
When used with heat/cold/gel the relief is short term but the tape has long term relief also
Whilst the first 3 ‘must-have products’ are administered easily these last 3 products need proper instruction and help from a qualified professional to make sure the application is accurate. Kinesio tape is often used for the postural re-education of muscles, both medium and short term relief is gained from the correct application of kinesio tape to the lower back and pelvis. A qualified kinesio taping practitioner can help you apply the tape in the correct way to help reduce your pelvic torsion pain. The tape is waterproof so you can play sport, swim, and live your life whilst wearing the tape.

5: Back support brace for pelvic torsion pain

Instant relief from mechanical pain
Immediate support for the unstable feeling you get in your back or pelvis
Medium to Long term relief
These last two products are the definite must-have products for dealing with pelvic torsion pain. They are a little more expensive but you get what you pay for with this one and the top product you must have if you are suffering from pelvic torsion. The mueller back support is designed to alleviate any mechanical stress on the lower back, reducing the load on the pelvic region. The abdominal muscles which can be affected with the pelvic torsion are often weak and left vulnerable. The mueller back support is designed to reinforce the pelvic stability muscles and brace the pelvis within this to alleviate pressure on the lower back or pelvis region. It is simple and effective to use leading to immediate relief from certain types of lower back and pelvic pain. Care must be taken on the use of the back support but generally speaking it can be worn during the day to help relieve pain, but not at night time.

6: Pelvic muscle retraining chair for pelvic torsion

Revolutionary chair design to correct pelvic imbalances

Strengthens core muscles when sitting

Long term relief of pain when sitting
By far the best way to deal with a pelvic torsion has long been re-education of the pelvic muscles and especially when sitting. This chair is very effective for retraining the way you sit and helping your posture as this results in putting extra pressure on the pelvic torsion.
Sitting incorrectly accounts for a large volume of pelvic torsion pain and lower back pain that we see as therapists. Sitting with the wrong pelvic posture puts pressure on the discs and therefore strains the lumbar and pelvic regions resulting in most of the pain you experience in the pelvic region. Although the chair is a little expensive you will see the reviews about our chair if you read online and there are some instructional videos on how the chair works to show you how it relieves pressure on the lower back.
The chair is unique and certainly has helped most cases of pelvic torsion and lower back pain by eradicating poor sitting posture.
We hope you found this article interesting and you were able to get some tips on helping yourself with your pelvic torsion or lower back pain. Most cases of pelvic torsion are relieved by simple exercises, stretches, and treatment. It is essential you deal with the self-help part of treatment by understanding how you can help yourself with your pelvic torsion.
Don’t forget before you can treat something you need to learn about it. Most therapists will not educate you on your twisted pelvis, they are happy to treat you. It is important you understand your twisted pelvis and get to the bottom of your condition.

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This article was written by our team of specialist therapists at Perfect Balance Clinic. If you would like more specific advice about how our team can help you with this condition or symptoms you may be having, please complete the contact form below and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

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