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Athletes, learn about fat and caffeine consumption for a healthier lifestyle


Have you ever wondered if foods such as avocados are really healthy? How does caffeine really affect your lifestyle and exercise routine? Then this article and video are made to educate you on the nutritional value of these products for a healthier lifestyle.

It will take eight hours for your body to consume your coffee completely and even then you may still have caffeine in your system.

Can avocados and nuts make you fat?

Most of the population want to decrease their body fat, to do this you need to control your calories. Foods such as avocado and nuts are considered healthy, as they have good nutrient density but you should be very mindful of how much you consume. If you can eat these foods within your calorie range, you may find that it doesn’t leave you many calories throughout the day to consume other foods. These foods are considered healthy, but they’re also very calorie-dense. If it fits into your program, then you can consume them, but if it doesn’t, you should reduce or eliminate your intake altogether.

How does caffeine affect your body?

The tolerance of caffeine differs across the population. Some people can consume multiple coffees without experiencing any unwanted symptoms such as:

  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Disrupted sleep

Whereas others can’t even consume one without experiencing these unwanted effects.

To find out more about how fat and caffeine can affect you if you are an athlete or play a regular sport then please watch this short video to learn more about these two important subjects.

Take a look at our videos on sports nutrition created by Sergio Pereria

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