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What You Need To Know About The Three Biggest Mistakes When Training To Build Muscles!


Do you want to build strong muscles quickly? This important article could make a world of difference to you. This article gives you background information on how to train correctly, effectively, and avoid common mistakes made; helping you to reach your goals faster.

I recommend compound exercises for beginners, these are exercises that require you to use multiple muscle groups at the same time.?

Sergio Pereira – Athlete Services Manager

There are different structures within the body, and they all react differently depending on the type of training. Some types of training methods are more effective for muscle building. Incorrect training could increase your efforts, however, this could also bring you little results, leading to frustration, anger, and depression by not achieving your goal. An ineffective programme/poor coaching could also lead to injury; taking you even further away from your goals.

Here are the 3 most common things that could happen by not following a correct and effective training programme.

  • Using the wrong exercises could make on-going aches and strains worse and/or cause re-injury.
  • A poorly managed recovery after exercise will lead to the break down of healthy tissues, overloading the body, and could lead to injury.
  • A diet that is not handled well will result in you failing to achieve your goals, due to poor energy levels and nutrients to fuel your body.

By following correct and effective training principles, here are the 3 most common things that could happen:

  • Training with compound exercises ensures you target a large range of muscles, to reduce time in the gym while training effectively.
  • Good management of recovery between training reduces risk of injury and maximises the benefits of training. Your trainer may also decide to boost your recovery through supplements or other techniques like ice baths for elite athletes
  • A good diet ensures energy to sustain a healthy thriving body, so you can push yourself every workout and still feel great

When you avoid the common mistakes as listed above:

  • You perform your exercises correctly and train according to the principles needed to achieve your goal
  • You set yourself up to be successful

When you see an expert who breathes and lives training, who helps everyone regardless of what stage you are at on your journey, you are setting yourself up to be successful!

Do you want to achieve your goals quickly, without any of your hard work going to waste? Get yourself a Trainer who educates, guides, and motivates you to achieve amazing results.

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Take a look at our video on training for muscle gain, created by our Athlete Services Manager Sergio Pereira

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