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Can vitamins help you lose weight?


Did you know that an imbalance of nutrients can make it difficult to shed weight off?

Finding out what nutrients, vitamin and mineral you are deficient in can allow you to replenish through a healthy diet and supplements to help your body lose weight.

Surprisingly, many overweight people are malnourished; when an overweight person consumed ’empty’ calories, the cells continue to send messages to the brain letting it know that nutrients are missing and therefore the individual continues to feel, resulting in them eating again and gaining more weight.

Certain vitamins can help burn fat by increasing metabolism. Certain polyphenols and enzymes from food burn energy quickly so the body can begin working on eliminating excess stores of fat.
Interestingly, some nutrients found in food and supplements are natural stress reducers; when stress levels are high, the brain sends a signal to the body to store fat. So, lowering stress stops the fat-storing mechanism and allows the body to burn more fat.

Below are some vitamins that can aid in weight loss:

  • Vitamin B – main role is to assist in metabolising fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Not only does it boost metabolism, but also utilises stored energy in food. One type of vitamin B, thiamine, is known to convert carbohydrates into energy. Having an insufficient 55amount of this vitamin could mean that metabolism may not function adequately.
  • Vitamin D – many of us do not spend a lot of time outdoors, making it difficult to obtain vitamin D through sunlight. Research suggests taking vitamin D can help shed abdominal fat.
  • Magnesium – this mineral serves as a co-factor in enzyme systems, which are in charge of a variety of responses in the body, like controlling blood glucose.
  • Iron – aids in producing energy from nutrients. It also transports oxygen in your body cells, including your muscles, therefore beneficial in burning fats. Insufficient amount of iron in the body could lower physical endurance and reduce performance. 
  • Chromium –  plays a key role in your body when processing carbohydrates and fats. It is efficient at regulating blood glucose levels which will keep your cravings at bay!
  • Green Tea Extract – one of the most effective natural metabolic boosters by releasing its rich antioxidants in the bloodstream which will aid digestion whilst stimulating your metabolism, and help you burn fat faster. Furthermore, green tea extract helps to block the absorption of fat through your diet.
  • Prebiotic fibre – the bacteria in your gut play a very important role in weight loss; many studies have concluded that prebiotic fibre can help absorb intestinal fat, as well as absorb calories in the bloodstream, thus, preventing weight gain. Supplementing your diet with fibre can help you eat less, quell hunger, and lose weight. Sources of prebiotic fibre include inulin powder and chicory root powder.

Vitamins and mineral supplements should not be solely relied on for weight loss. The basis for long-lasting weight reduction is adhering to a healthy balanced eating pattern, lowering calorie intake, exercise regularly and get 7-8 hours of sleep. Furthermore, the majority of vitamins and minerals should be obtained from food sources, and supplements could be used in filling the gaps in your diet to give you that extra boost essential in handling stress, providing energy and minimising fatigue. This could help you control your cravings leading to a better and effective weight loss.

At Perfect Balance Clinic, one of our expert Nutritionist or Functional Medicine Practitioners can help you achieve your weight loss goals by helping you create a plan with a balanced diet, packed with nutrient-dense food, aimed specifically for your needs, guidance on supplements you may require to optimise your plan and give you positive lifestyle advise to get you on track so you can gain the results you deserve!

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