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Top 3 exercises for herniated discs


Don’t ignore that back or neck pain! Herniated discs can sometimes be asymptomatic and only cause mild back or neck pain. More severe cases can cause more severe pain and even result in muscle weakness down the arms or legs depending on where it is.

These injuries can be caused by physical trauma where small tears in the disc allow the gel inside to leak out and cause a bulge. It can also be caused by age as the disc degenerates and loses its shock absorbing ability. 


So how do we help this?

Follow these 3 simple exercises to help with disc herniations. 

Spinal decompression

This exercise requires next to no equipment and helps to increase the spacing in the vertebrae, taking pressure off the discs allowing them to return to a normal position. 

To perform this hang from a bar or door frame for 30 seconds and then repeat this 3 times. Make sure to release easily from the position to avoid jolting or spasms. 


Cat-cow pose

This exercise helps to increase intervertebral spacing and mobility of the spine as well as relieving pressure off of it. 

Step 1) Start on your hands and knees

Step 2) Slowly bring your stomach towards the floor while feeling each of your spinal vertebrae moving while you look up towards the ceiling.

Step 3) Slowly round your spine feeling each vertebrae moving and bringing your chin to your chest

Repeat this 10 times for 3 sets


Half cobra pose

The half cobra helps encourage the disc materials to push back into place allowing for improved healing. 

Step 1) Lie down on your front

Step 2) Come up on to your elbows while keeping your hips on the floor

Step 3) Hold for 15 seconds and then return to the starting position and go again for 30 seconds

Repeat this 10 times in total.

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