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3 stretches you should start every morning with!


If you’re someone who is waking up stiff and tight in the morning, and you’re unsure what to do, this blog provides several movements to really help you reduce that stiffness and get you set up for a successful day.

Exercise 1: body roll

This exercise will really increase the flexibility of your neck all the way through to your spinal segments. Start by standing with your hands on the front of your thighs. Starting with your neck, tucking it down into your chest, then roll down each spinal segment, one at a time. Only go down to as far as you can or where is comfortable. Then slowly carry out the same rolling movement on the way back up, feeling every segment of your back. That’s a movement that you can do five or six times every morning.

Exercise 2: thoracic spine twists and extensions

Having an immobile thoracic spine can lead to a stiff rib cage and can restrict the capacity of the diaphragm and lungs. Having a stiff thoracic spine in extension can also mean that any overhead movements that you’re trying to do in the gym can be more difficult or you end up overusing your lower back as it needs to arch to be able to allow that shoulder to move. The first movements are thoracic spine twists. On your hands and knees, you’re going to thread your arm through your body, and then come back, opening up and reach up. As you go through, you’re going to take a deep breath in, and out on the way up, repeating this eight to 10 times per each side.

The second movement is thoracic extension on a roller. Start with both of your hands straight, coming down to the roller just below your elbow. You’re then going to bring your head down towards the mat, and really relax back into your heels. If you can’t feel it, you can roll a little bit further forward.

Exercise 3: pigeon stretch

This is the final stretch to start your morning with. Many of us will be sitting down all day, or if you’re an athlete, you’ll be overusing your glutes and hips. On the floor, bring your foot across your body into an L shape, putting your hands in front and your back leg out straight. If you can, try moving your hands forward to really increase the stretch in your glutes. Again, repeat this on both sides. So as you walk forward, you should really feel the increase in stretch around the buttock area.

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