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Kal is a Senior Sports Massage Therapist here at Perfect Balance Clinic. Graduating in Sydney Australia with a Certificate 4 and Diploma of Remedial Sports massage after completing his Sports Therapy BSc in London in 2010, Kal has over 8 years experience in remedial, sports and pregnancy massage. With a broad range of experience, this has given him both a holistic and traditional approach to his therapy.
Kal approaches each patient case with a comprehensive analysis and deep understanding of the issues presented. With extensive experience helping people with complicated nerve issues, pre/post surgery injuries, many spinal conditions, complicated and general postural issues, and facia/soft tissue conditions, Kal is passionate about using his expertise to try and keep the patient away from surgery, in serious conditions.
Kal holds a specific interest in treating people with neck, shoulder and hip issues, whether to improve performance, to aid recovery from an injury, or simply allow people to be able to live life free from aches and pains.

Kal is passionate about what he does and believes that sports massage is a necessity in terms of keeping the body healthy, and that maintaining various aspects of sports therapy helps the patients well being both physically and mentally.


Sports Therapy BSc

Diploma Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy

Level 4 Remedial Massage Therapy

St John’s Ambulance First Aid

Past experience / employment

Kal takes a keen interest kung fu and boxing and this is where he developed his passion for Sports Massage; encountering many people who had chronic injuries, Kal was able to help them with their recovery.

His desire for learning did not stop there and with a passion for gaining a deeper understanding of what was happening, whilst working across various high profile physiotherapy, osteopathy and personal training clinics both abroad and in the UK, Kal has acquired a detailed knowledge of how the body responds to different therapies.

Kal is able to adapt his approach and use his knowledge, extensive experience and various techniques to meet the patients needs and personal goals.


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