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About Sergio Pereira

Experienced in delivering results-orientated exercise sessions and providing evidence-based nutritional interventions, Sergio is a Senior Trainer and Performance Nutritionist. He has extensive knowledge of both training and nutrition and merges his experience in both areas to achieve great results with clients.

With an insatiable desire for continued self-development and upskilling of his service, Sergio has a great deal to offer any level of client.

“Taking great pride in my service, a client’s goal is my own goal, supporting you in every way possible, both inside and outside of training and competition – this is my commitment”


Masters Degree in Sports & Exercise Nutrition (MSc)
ISSN Diploma. 1 year-Post Graduate Sports Nutrition Course
Degree in Strength & Conditioning (BSc)
Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)
Sport & Exercise Nutrition Graduate (SENr) / British Dietetic Association
ISAK Anthropometrist

Past experience / employment

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in 2011, I created and managed my own Personal Training Business. Over the next 4 years, I specialized in strength and conditioning programs aimed at increasing well-being and performance in clients.

In 2015, I relocated to a highly respected private personal training studio in London. I gained invaluable experience working alongside a great team. Here my clients ranged from high-end private clients to amateur athletes across multiple sports. I assisted other coaches in the development of their business and service to ensure the highest of standards were provided. This role challenged my educational skills and I developed my own knowledge and communicational skills through educating other Trainers.

I now manage the Athletes Services (AS) Program at Perfect Balance which includes a range of specialist services linked together to supplement a client’s coaching and training program. AS ensures you are given a full support network that provides an all-in-one package tailored to improve performance. The system also includes regular monitoring and performance testing to ensure results are achieved.


“I worked together with Sergio for about four months as I needed help in understanding my nutritional needs for training and recovery. I knew that although I was eating quite healthily there were definitely some areas that I needed to improve on.With monthly phone sessions and starting to track my food intake, I have now got a much better understanding of my requirements. Sergio was very approachable , very knowledgeable and he definitely did not overload me with information, as it was all quite new to me. All the advice was at the right level for me and now I know how to use apps to help track my intake. I am now much more knowledgeable and found the service really useful. Thank you.”

Alisha Rees

“I’m part of the athlete services at Perfect Balance Clinic and this is the first year of my athletics career where I’m fully committed to training. I’ve had more time this year to be able to monitor most aspects of my training but there was a massive gap when it came to my nutrition. Since seeing Sergio I’ve started tailoring my meals to how I train, when I train and how my body reacts to changes in my diet and I feel so much more rejuvenated and ready to attack sessions. Managing my nutrition has also given me confidence going into training sessions knowing that I’ve properly fueled my body for what its needs to do! What’s more, I’ve been given all the knowledge and tools I need to be able to manage my nutrition by myself which is awesome. I can’t have asked for a better service!

Lina Nielson

“Perfect Balance Clinic consists of a dedicated team of people that are passionate about optimising your health & performance. It helps me tremendously and I enjoy very much working with them. Sergio has aided me in optimising my physical training, as well as integrating smart scheduling and optimising my routines so that I can perform better and reduce injury risks

Karen Barrizta

“Sergio is a very positive person, which makes difficult tasks, like changing your diet and habits easier. He is also practical and accepts that there will be compromise or stages where changes will be harder to meet. He works well with the person to find sustainable solutions that progress the person towards their goals. He is supportive and knows when to meet up with the person and when to give them time to adjust to the changes. I found him to be very enthusiastic about nutrition and we spoke a lot about various trends and facts around nutrition.

Colin Rouse

““I’ve been working with Perfect Balance occasionally for a number of years now, and I really wish I had started working with Sergio a lot earlier in my career! I had always been the type of athlete to find and gain little improvements in my training, but I realised I hadn’t been paying that same attention to my nutrition. Sergio made me realise the importance of tailored nutrition plans, and finding what suits me and my training the most. He and I worked on monitoring my nutrition on a week to week basis, depending on my training sessions and fueling needs. We also ensured we paid close attention to my energy levels and how I felt in training, because having full confidence of my body on the track is vital if I am to train to the best of my ability. Sergio was so informative, that when I came away from Perfect Balance, I was equipped with the knowledge to carry on what we’d built on for a number of months. My nutrition needs, in the best way possible, will never be the same now thanks to Sergio!!”

Laviai Nielson

“I’m very glad I took Stephen Makinde’s advice to see trainer and performance nutritionist, Sergio Pereira. He built me a training programme that is precisely geared towards my goals and makes allowances for my knee condition. I’m a former runner who focussed almost exclusively on legwork and he helped me to realise that conditioning and strengthening the upper body is just as important. In addition to a leg programme, we worked together to create an upper body conditioning programme and I now feel more balanced and overall much stronger and fitter.

I see Sergio at regular intervals so he can check my technique and my weights and conditioning training programmes can be refreshed and adjusted as needed.

Sergio is exceptionally knowledgable and skilled and I highly recommend him.”

Bernadine Pritchett

“I have been training with Sergio for the past year, he has set out a excellent training programme for me which has meant that my athletics season has gone very smoothly and with no injuries. I would highly recommend Sergio, he has a bubbly personality and always pushes you to your limits.”

Hannah Lucy Williams

“I’m so happy with my training sessions! Before I started training I thought I was doing everything I could to exercise the right way and be “healthy”. Now I feel like I am exercising smarter and have more specific goals to work towards and workout more efficiently as a result. I appreciate that sergio aims to make me more independent in training, and I’m taking small steps in that direction! I am experiencing much less back pain now that I have built up my glute strength, and am less dependent on visits to my Osteopath which was the initial intent of training. But I also feel like I have a better understanding of body mechanics and nutrition, too. Thank you for all of your help!”

Eileen Fisher

“As a keen golfer I was struggling to get back playing after two back operations. Each time I tried another injury would occur and after 18 months I had almost given up when I met Stephen and then Sergio.

Working with Sergio, my fitness, strength and flexibility have greatly improved. I have been injury free all year and back to a single figure handicap.”

Victor Ratner

“Having hit a plateau in my “do it myself” fitness and weight loss plan, I signed up for 10 sessions with Sergio. I lost 3 inches off my hips and 2 inches on my waist. I gained impressive muscular improvement, boundless energy and an enthusiasm for exercise. The biggest gain, though, was in body confidence. Sergio had the right mix of encyclopedic fitness knowledge and firm but fair attitude to working at the programme to enable me to go beyond my “averageness” and succeed.”

Barbara Pigden

“The talk Sergio gave at our Athena ladies on nutrition last week was superb. It is not an easy topic to cover in an hour but he was clear, interesting, and clearly knowledgeable but fully adapted the presentation to the level of our group. Encouraged questions and generally gave a brilliant presentation that left us all leaving wanting to learn more.”

Katie (Athena Ladies)

“I was referred to Sergio for Nutrition and later for a Training Programme as recovery from a hip injury. Sergio has been a great help in my recovery, he is approachable, keen to help with excellent advice and tips. I like how Sergio kept in touch with emails and reviewing my nutrition weekly which helped me to stay on track. Sergio’s training programme has been extremely effective and a definite challenge but I feel much stronger and injury free. Overall, Sergio’s nutrition consultation’s and training sessions have been the final step (after physio therapy) that have successfully recovered my hip and I know that without his expertise I could not have recovered so well and quickly.”

Saskia Twiss

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